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How does it work?

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  • Manage standard work in the cloud, and schedule standard work items for your team.
    • Easy to create, audit, and update your work flows
    • Each user can see a personalized Daily Plan
    • Start and finish times and reason codes are captured for live status and problem solving
  • Manage your improvement work as a team. All of your team’s project, gemba walk, and to-do list items in a single list.
    • Capture What, Who, and When for actions
    • Visibility across your entire team
    • Visual cues and notifications make it easy to see what needs to be done today
  • Integrates with your calendar to see standard work and meetings in a single view.
    • Perfect for Leader Standard Work planning and execution
    • Visibility to team’s plan for the week
    • Special “reflection” view for understanding plan vs. actual
  • See your team’s status in real-time with visuals, and generate reports to dig deeper on planning and execution. 
    • Designed to be displayed on screens
    • Check in using smart phone or tablet
    • Able to build company-specific custom reports and schedule email delivery
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Feedback from a few of our customers:

“Being able to manage multiple project timelines, standardize processes and track action items has really paid off!”
-Phil, Director of Engineering Solutions

“The first software that a manager can use to really understand the work that your team is doing and resource plan around.”
-Ben, Director of Operations

“Great tool for connecting team members and leaders to their work.”
-Clint, Training & Development Manager

No matter where you are on your Lean journey, The Lean Office can help

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