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The Lean Office – Action Items Update

Exciting news! Today, we released several updates to the Action Items module of The Lean Office software.

  1. Attachments
  2. You can now add up to three file attachments to an action item by clicking the blue “Add Attachment” button in the Action Item pop-up.

  3. Start datesAction Items Update
  4. In addition to capturing complete/due dates, you can also record planned and actual start dates (these fields are optional). This is used to decide which action items are “late start” and “in process” status.

  5. Parking lot
  6. Speaking of optional, due dates are also now optional. Action items without a due date are now stored in the parking lot at the bottom of your Manage Action Items page. When you open the page, the parking lot is collapsed-simply click on the gray bar, and you’ll see the items in your parking lot.

  7. Emailing action items
  8. You can now add action items by sending an email to your specific address. Click on the help icon next to the “Add Action Items” button, and you’ll see your unique email address. When you send an email to this address, an action item will be added to your list with you as the owner, the subject line as your action item, and the body of the email stored as a pdf attachment (along with up to two additional attachments). The next time you log in to the tool, you’ll see a list of new action items that have been sent to your address. Simply confirm them and add relevant details, and they’ll be added to either your action items or parking lot.

A big thanks to our users, who suggested these additional features. Please keep the great ideas coming!

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