The Lean Office for Knowledge, Admin, and Service Work

Applying Lean principles in your office.

How can it help in my office?

Add Stability

Reduced variation in day-to-day activities, and better planning for strategic work

Improve Quality

Standard work is well-documented, and fewer distractions means more focus on the work at hand

Save Time

Free up your team’s time to focus on more value-added work

The Challenge of a “Lean Office”

Organizations often struggle to implement Lean in their office environments. The biggest difficulty is that the work being done is hidden behind a computer screen and it’s assumed that you can’t standardize, measure, and improve this work like you would the work being done on a shop floor. This assumption is not true and we have seen tremendous value come to organizations who apply Lean principles in an office setting. A few applications:

  • Create, maintain, and schedule standard work for each employee in the office
  • Drive immediate improvement with daily accountability and live visuals of the work being done
  • Ensure action items from meetings are captured and complete
  • Simplify project management and problem solving across all departments
  • Integrate with your calendar for better weekly scheduling of meetings, planned work, and action items

Standard Work

  • Easy to create, audit, and update your work flows
  • Create and manage project-based standard work with Projects module
  • Quickly add pictures and call-outs
  • Integrates with Outlook and gmail calendars
  • Accessible from any location or device
Leader Standard Work
action items

Visual Management

  • See your team’s real-time status
  • Designed to be displayed in the office
  • Check in using smart phone or tablet
  • Group accountability with full visibility to other’s action items