The Lean Office for Logistics Professionals

Ready to take your logistics operations to the next level?

Why should I use The Lean Office?

Satisfied Customers

Improved customer retention and organic growth opportunities.

Happier Employees

Less stressful days and more time to focus on improving the work.

Stronger Company

Dramatic improvement in productivity (10-15%), sales, and performance.


Every day, logistics professionals have to perform a balancing act – handle the daily needs of the customer operation, while also achieving long-term objectives. The Lean Office is here to help with both.

Logistics Balance

Tactical Work

Examples: Routing trucks, check calls with drivers, creating and sending dashboards, employee training

Problem: Every day looks different, and too much time is spent fighting fires and playing catch-up.

Solution: Using the Blueprint module within The Lean Office, your team can plan out their days. and start managing work on purpose instead of by accident. A few features:

  • Easy to create and manage standard work
  • Schedule a personalized Daily Plan
  • Capture start and finish times and reason codes


  • Customers love the more reliable service
  • Your team’s time is more productive and effective
  • Easier to manage your team’s time and capacity
  • Less stressful days for your team

Strategic Work

Examples: RFQ responses for new business, network redesigns, Quarterly reviews with customers

Problem: All the time spent fighting fires means the list of “someday” items never gets done.

Solution: Manage long-term work like Quarterly customer meetings, RFQ responses, and redesigns as a team using our Additional Work modules. A few features:

  • Capture meeting action items and decisions
  • Use project templates to standardize long-term work
  • Manage your to-do lists in a central location


  • Build trust with customers by meeting commitments
  • Execute and deliver strategic value for customers
  • Manage and prioritize your team’s strategic work
  • Real-time visibility on all projects and initiatives
lean office visual
Weekly Scheduling


Every part of The Lean Office focuses on making your team’s work visible. Real-time visuals and reporting help you identify trends, and put out fires before they start .

With The Lean Office, your team manages all of their tactical and strategic work in one location. The result? Satisfied customers, happier employees, and a stronger company. No more balancing act!

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