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Why should I use The Lean Office?

Save Time

More time for front-line managers to spend coaching and improving the work

Real-Time Visibility

Make better decisions with real-time information on your operation and management system


Roll out the same management system across functions, locations, and value streams

“The visibility and data this software provides is a huge benefit.”City Furniture grayscale

Lean Management System: Our Approach

The Lean Office is designed to support organizations who have moved beyond tools and events, and have implemented their own Lean Management System. These companies have recognized that sustaining the improvements made along the Lean journey is difficult, and doing so requires an intentional approach to managing work using concepts like Daily Accountability, Leader Standard Work, and Visual Controls. The Lean Office features several modules that have been created with the entire Lean Management System in mind. The good news? You’ve already done the hard part. Read below to see how The Lean Office can help take your Lean Management System to the next level.


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Common struggles we’ve addressed:

  • Front-line managers spend a ton of time every day just treading water.
  • The entire Lean journey is managed on paper or in disconnected spreadsheets, making communication, reporting, and upkeep very difficult.
  • While some departments have implemented the Lean Management System, it hasn’t been adopted the same across the company.
  • Information on how the system is performing isn’t available until the next day, at best.

There are a ton of benefits to implementing a Lean Management System in your organization, but it requires a lot of discipline and hard work. The Lean Office is a tool designed specifically to ease your team’s burdens in executing your Lean Management System every day.

The Lean Office is designed to be flexible and robust. It’s flexible enough to work alongside your company’s unique approach to Lean and robust enough so you can manage your entire Lean Management System from one place. Here are a few of our features:

Leader Standard Work

  • Highly customizable
  • Proactive scheduling
  • Take notes and log activities for future analysis
  • Build customized checklists for maintaining standard work
  • Gemba Walks tool helps manage LSW observations
Leader Standard Work
action items

Daily Accountability

  • Built-in personal accountability with action items
  • Real-time alerts for late items
  • Meetings, Projects, 5S Audits all flow to consolidated action item list
  • Group accountability with full visibility to other’s action items
  • Schedule daily reports to be sent automatically

Visual Controls

  • Automatically created and updated
  • Real-time visuals
  • Easily see which projects/meetings are behind schedule
  • Next-level strategic view of system performance
  • Look beyond current conditions to identify trends
Standard Work Visual