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Introducing 5S Audits

Exciting news! Based on input from our users, we are pleased to add another new module to The Lean Office – 5S Audits!

The new module was released this week, and is built to work on both computers and tablets. While many organizations have robust 5S audit processes, most are still done on paper. There are many benefits to having a software tool aid you in collecting and managing these audits over time – we’ll get into those in a later post. For now, here’s a brief introduction on how the new module works.

Our 5S Audits module is based on templates, and users can create as many fully-customized templates as they want for scoring each area. The actual audits are managed by 5S area, and users select an area owner as part of the setup process:

5s areas

When conducting an audit, the user “scores” each individual criteria, and these criteria scores are used to calculate an overall score for the audit. Users can review old audits to see scores on individual criteria, and can quickly see which criteria were scored good/bad for the entire audit from this single view:5s audit

During the audit, the user can assign action items based on what he/she observes. These action items are assigned to the area owner, and each area has a real-time register of 5S action items to review at any time. Also, these 5S items will appear on the area owner’s own personal action item list as soon as they are created:action items

The 5S Audits module went live for all accounts this week. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

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