The Lean Office is packed with tons of features that help
make task planning, tracking, and visualization a breeze.

Blueprint Scheduling

Create a plan for what should be done every day, and then measure how the team is performing on that work.

Execute Standard Work
Manage Action Items

Action Items

Use the Action Items module to manage a centralized register for your team’s additional work, like Projects or Meetings.

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Stop managing your organization’s meetings with separate, email-based agendas, and allow attendees to manage meeting action items in the Action Items module.

manage meetings
manage projects screen


Create standard templates for projects that repeat over time, and then manage as projects or individual Action Items.

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Gemba Walks

Make observations, add pictures, and record action items, all from your smart phone or tablet.

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conduct gemba walks
5S Audit

5S Audits

Conduct 5S Audits from tablet or computer, see performance over time, and use the Action Items tool for post-audit follow-up.

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Kaizen Events

Manage all facets of Kaizen Events – capturing suggestions, planning events, conducting events, and post-even follow-up – all from within The Lean Office.

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Kaizen Events

Weekly Schedule

Plan and review all blueprint work, calendar events (Outlook or Gmail), and action items in a single view.

Reports & Visuals

Real-time visuals based on your team’s performance, built to be displayed on large screens, and scheduled reporting to meet your needs.

lean office visual

In addition to these great features, The Lean Office is a robust, user-friendly solution.



Cloud-based software you can access from anywhere



Designed for computers, tablets, and smart phones



Hosted on expandable cloud servers



Redundant backup site and hourly data backups