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We offer training and consulting services with one thing in mind – equipping your team to take the lead on building a Lean culture in your office.

Our focus areas include:

• Intro to Lean
• Value Stream Mapping
• Office 5S
• Lean Culture
• Lean Management Systems
• Visual Management
• Standard Work
• Problem Solving
• Lean Daily Management

We believe all of these concepts and more can be successfully applied in an office environment. The same benefits that have been achieved in manufacturing and other sectors can be realized in your office.

Why work with us?

Our experience is entirely focused on Lean in office settings. We are not taking experience from manufacturing and trying to cross over, we have spent our time learning and applying these concepts in the office environment first and foremost. We are excited about working with you to share our experience and learning.

Also, we focus on training and empowering your team, instead of looking for our next project.


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